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Tramadol is a drug that is classified into the category of central acting analgesics. It comes from morphine and has considerable power to handle the symptoms associated with acute and high intensity pains as well as those caused by minor pains. Tramadol is one of the most prescribed medications by doctors around the world. This is because it is a soothing that offers a great effectiveness to counteract the pain of various diseases. But in addition to this important characteristic, its success is also that it produces less adverse effects than other strong opioids such as morphine, hydromorphone or methadone.

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In other articles we have made references to the different scientific evidences that support the use of tramadol to alleviate the pain that brings with it a great amount of diseases of different nature. There has been a lot of research that shows that it is not only an effective drug but also safe, as long as the precautions of each particular case are also considered before taking tramadol. But not only are the considerations from the medical point of view and the evidence specific to clinical practice. The patients’ own experiences also become of paramount importance. And in this regard we have also published several testimonies that relate experiences with the use of tramadol. Many of them agreed that the decision to buy tramadol was the best way to get rid of the pain they were suffering. Many emphasized the effectiveness of tramadol as well as the fact that the drug was associated with less adverse effects and even milder in comparison to other analgesics.

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In the following article we will continue to collect new data that support the use of tramadol for pain relief. In this case we will deal with the good results that have been evidenced when patients take tramadol controlled release for the management of non-oncologic chronic pain. The data come from an important study that was published in the Journal of the Spanish Society of Pain. The authors designed an investigation that included an important sample of different hospital establishments in order to be a considerable representation. It was reported that a total of 100 pain clinic units from all over the country participated.

It is important to emphasize the position of the researchers who stated that the treatment of chronic pain should be considered under a multidisciplinary approach. Within this therapeutic strategy, continued administration of analgesics, especially opioids like tramadol, constitutes a fundamental pillar. The authors of the study considered that a large proportion of patients suffering from chronic pain have a fairly advanced age and also need to take several medications. For this reason, it must be taken into account that it is key to achieve good adhesion to the treatment. This can be achieved by developing alternatives to simplify treatment with drugs that are tolerated in the long term.

It is well known that opioids such as tramadol represent a justified indication for treating both chronic and severe chronic pain, particularly when anti-inflammatory drugs are not successful. The researchers synthesized the properties of tramadol by claiming that it has a wide therapeutic margin of safety for its different routes of administration, lacking the adverse effects of anti-inflammatories on prostaglandin inhibition and renal and hepatic damage. It also has little risk of abuse and dependence compared to other drugs in its class.

In relation to the research described here, it was reported that the population studied consisted of male and female patients and were between 18 and 80 years old. They were instructed to start treatment with tramadol in controlled and prolonged release tablets in a single daily dose of 150 mg or 200 mg. It is pertinent to take into consideration some clarifications made by the investigators related to certain precautions that are important at the moment of the patient taking tramadol. These reported aspects were those patients who were excluded from the study because of: hypersensitivity to tramadol, severe respiratory failure, severe hepatic or renal insufficiency, drug or alcohol addiction, pregnant women, patients with major psychiatric disorders or cognitive impairment, patients receiving analgesic treatment previous.

As part of the study, it should be noted that once the treatment was started, each patient was followed up after one week and once a month. The results were carefully evaluated according to different variables. In total, 907 patients with a higher percentage of women participated. The majority of patients (93.84%) started treatment taking 150 mg of tramadol from prolonged and controlled release. The remaining percentage did so with 200 mg tramadol. Some general data that the researchers could observe expressed that the women manifested a pain intensity quite higher than the men. In tune with this trait, older people were also more physically involved in pain.

The results evaluated by the researchers determined that this formula of tramadol proves to be effective to reduce chronic non-oncological pain, since the first week in which it is administered. Complementarily, it was detected that tramadol also contributed in an improvement of the quality of the sleep as well as the own interruption of the same due to the pain. On the other hand, the tolerability of the treatment was good, with minor side effects and short duration. Nausea and vomiting were the most common adverse reaction. According to the researchers, the adverse effects that manifest initially are reduced as the treatment period advances. In this sense, the manifestations of the autonomic nervous system, dry mouth and sweating, along with constipation, meant the most persistent symptoms.
Another important finding highlighted by the researchers was that the single dose of this tramadol formula involved a high adherence to treatment that remained stable. This means that most patients were able to complete the treatment.

To conclude, it can be stated on the basis of these data that tramadol satisfactorily fulfills the goal of alleviating the suffering that involves living with chronic non-oncologic pain. Therefore, those who live with this discomfort should know that buying tramadol may mean the remedy that will definitely help them.